Episode 18: Deep Thoughts

We’re back with some fun talk about our newest projects and an awesome giveaway. We hope you enjoy the episode and have a great time working on your projects!


The beautiful and talented Klara Zhulamanova has offered to donate a copy of her Glacier Ice Shawl. It’s a stunning pattern that we think you’ll really enjoy. Details for the giveaway can be found in the Ravelry group. 

Contact Us

You can find Queen Deborah on Ravelry as IndigoChicken, on Instagram as IndigoChickenDolls, and on Etsy as Indigo Chicken. Queen Emily can be found on Ravelry as SaltCityKnits (new user name!) and on Instagram as SaltCityKnits.


Show Notes

Deborah’s Projects:

Love Socks pattern by Devon Clement

Knit Picks Stroll Tweed in Thirst Heather colorway

Knit Picks Hawthorne in Parkrose colorway


Knitterly Things, Vesper Sock Yarn – Sometime in April


Good Vibes Shawl by Nadia Cretin Lechenne

The Rainy Apply Shoppe – Beach Bum yarn in Hula Girl colorway

Scrappy Bias Shawl pattern by Emily Clawson (knit by both of us)



Emily’s Projects:

Flowers for Yvonne shawl pattern by Romi Hill

Anzula Meridian in Emerald colorway

Scrappy Bias Shawl pattern by Emily Clawson (knit by both of us)

Kimarie’s Knit Knacks in Mint Chip colorway

Changing Staircases Shawl pattern by Trysten Molina

Dragon Hoard Yarn in Merry Unbirthday Colorway

Hedgehog Fibers Twist Sock in Skinny Dip and Hey Day colorways

Cascade Heritage Silk in Tangerine, Aqua Foam, Citron, and Raspberry colorways


Other Mentions

Girls in the Yarn Cafe podcast

Willow Hill Yarn Co.


Books Mentioned

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy

Shakespeare Stories by Andrew Matthews and Tony Ross

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maude Montgomery, narrated by Barbara Caruso

Buildings, Bridges, and Landmarks, a complete History

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Episode 13: Neon-long KAL

We are just a bit goofy this week! We had so much fun talking about all the projects we’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks and we are loving seeing all your photos from our Neon-along KAL! Show notes are below the video.

Come Join our KAL!

The neon-along kal will run until the end of May. The rules are simple: just knit something you can wear that uses at least fifty grams of neon yarn and come post photos of your finished objects in our Ravelry Group. You can enter multiple times, so keep knitting!

Our prizes are amazing and include a project bag by Chestnut Fibres, a skein of Hedgehog Fibers Sock in Envy colorway, stitch markers by Knitty By Nature, and the gorgeous Pacifica shawl pattern by Lisa Seifert. Come see a photo in the Ravelry Group!

Contact Us

You can find Queen Deborah on Ravelry as IndigoChicken, on Instagram as IndigoChickenDolls, and on Etsy as Indigo Chicken. Queen Emily can be found on Ravelry as Egclawson and on Instagram as SaltCityKnits.

Queen Emily is also giving away a pair of handknit socks. If you are interested in those, you can find details here.


Show Notes

What Queen Emily is wearing – Pure Joy shawl by Joji Locatelli

Patterns Mentioned

No-purl Monkey Socks – just change all the purl stitches in the lace chart to knit stitches for this version.

Split Back Snowflake Hat by Susan B Anderson

Pinwheel Scrap Blanket by Mina Phillip

In Threes Baby Cardigan by Kelly Herdrich

Marian Shrug by Taiga Hilliard

Fleegle Heel

Pacifica Shawl by Lisa Seifert

Good Vibes Shawl by Nadia Cretin Lechenne

Canyonlands Shawl by Very Busy Monkey

Fusion Blanket (that link is just a reference to the idea. Queen Deborah is designing her own version)

Yarns Mentioned

Malabrigo Sock in Impressionist Sky

Patons Classic Wool

Malabrigo Rios in Sunset

Shepherd’s Wool in Peaches ‘n’ Cream


Spectrum Fiber in Rainbow Bright

Plymouth Yarns Neon Now in Orange and Pink

ChileKnitz in Bliss 2.0

– Up in Yarns Christmas Minis (closed)

Hedgehog Fibers Sock in Banana Legs

– Up in Yarns Sock in Naked (closed)

– Sweet Nesting Fibers – unnamed colorway (only available through Instagram)

Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton

Yarn Stores Mentioned

Willow Hill Yarn Company (LYS)

The Wool Cabin (LYS)

Snippets from the Past

This is the Place Heritage Park

What are you Reading?

– At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon

– The Once and Future King

– The Great Courses “The Medieval World”

– Mistborn Series by Brandon Sanderson

– Arcanum Unbounded by Brandon Sanderson

Podcasts Mentioned

Potter and Bloom

The Gentle Knitter

Kristy Glass Knits


– Inspector Lewis




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Episode 12: Not So High-Brow After All

We’ve settled in now and are feeling comfortable enough to let a little of the inner crazy out. In this episode we start our first KAL, a NEON  themed knit/crochet along! #neonalongKAL


Where to Find Us

You can find Queen Deborah on Instagram as @indigochickendolls, on Ravelry as purplepinwheel, and on Etsy as IndigoChicken. We also have a Ravelry group for Meanwhile, At the Castle. 

Queen Emily can be found on Instagram as @saltcityknits, and on Ravelry as egclawson.


Patterns  mentioned

Little Spring Mandala by Barbara Smith

Ophelia Bonnet by RDP Knits

Lancashire Dream by Gabrielle Danskknit

Pinwheel Scrap Blanket by Mina Phillips

Rye Socks by Tin Can Knits

Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Socks Therapist

No Purl Monkey Socks by Cooki A.

Dot Shawl by Cassapinka

Geek Socks by Wei S. Long

Good Vibes by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

Fusion Blanket tutorial by Coriander Quilts

Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Leuder


Yarns and Fibers mentioned

Up In Yarn Designs (business no longer open)

The Alpaca Yarn Company – Glimmer Yarn

Yarn Bee – Urban Chic

Knit Picks Stroll Tweed, “Flagstone Heather”, and “Down Heather”

Rhapsody Fiber Arts, “Darlene”

Malabrigo Sock, “Impressionist Sky”

Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play, Satchel, “Bahama Woodstar”

Knit Picks Felici, “Bubble” – discontinued

Hedgehog Fibers, “Banana Leg”

Frabjous Fibers, #249 “Kaleidoscope”

Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton, “Silver”, “Ice”, “Natural”

Created by Elsie B Fiber Braids

Spectrum Fibre

Chile Knits

Plymouth Yarn

Vintage Fairie LLC on Etsy


Books mentioned

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

The Bathroom Guest Book


Other mentions

Willow Hill Yarn Company at Gardner Village in Utah


Introducing our first Knit-Along/Crochet-Along!

Visit our Ravelry page for more details. Use the hashtag #neonalongKAL on Instagram and other social media to share your ideas, progress and creations with everyone.

Prizes will be given away at the end of the KAL in May.

Prizes from:

Chestnut Fibres Project Bag

Hedgehog Fibers sock in “Envy”

Pacifica shawl pattern by Lisa Seifert, DoleValleyGirlKnits


Podcaster Shoutouts

Amber of the Yarn Hoarder Podcast

Opera Jo of Stitching the High Notes




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The most important homeschool tip ever

Every day I hear about another family  (or five) that is embarking on the adventure of homeschooling. Common Core seems to be the biggest catalyst with the huge influx of new homeschooling families. The most recent homeschooling conference where Richard and I presented was made up of 75%, yes, seventy-five percent, new homeschoolers (meaning they had either been homeschooling for less than a semester or were about to start in the fall). I’ve never seen such huge numbers of new families and it’s so exciting!

But with all these newbies there is a lot of anxiety and a quest for that key that is going to make it work out.

It is a scary thing. I know. Fifteen years ago we made the decision to homeschool our family. We had two very small children at the time (3 years old and a newborn) and I had no idea the road that was ahead of us. I didn’t know then how hard it would be or how wonderful it would be. I didn’t know that Richard and i would end up presenting at homeschool conferences and mentoring other families or that our life’s mission would make itself manifest through the process.

I made lots of mistakes and we had lots of victories, large and small. And now with my oldest just graduated and my other children thriving I feel like I can take a breath and say, yes! This works!

So, what is the biggest lesson I’ve learned through it all? What one piece of advice can I give to those newly homeschooling parents?

It’s a big one so get ready..



I don’t just mean pretend to relax while freaking out on the inside every day. I mean the king of relaxing that comes through having faith in the process. Yes, chances are you’ve met some weirdos who homeschool and you are terrified that you are going to have kids who can’t form complete sentences. Or bathe. You may worry about grade level and aptitude testing and proving to your mother in law (or husband) that you are good enough to do this. You may worry about what the neighbors think, what your friends think, what your church leaders think, or what the bagger at the grocery store thinks (personal experience). It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to prove your worthiness or your child’s ability to anyone and everyone who decides to ask you why you are homeschooling.

But here’s the deal. Those weirdo homeschoolers would have been weirdo public schoolers, should their parents have chosen that option. They were raised by weird parents who don’t think their kids are weird and that’s okay for them. You are the parent of your children. They aren’t going to suddenly morph into backwoods social misfits just because they spend more time with you than with a bunch of third graders. Honestly, the reverse will be true.

And your mother-in-law, she will just have to deal with it. Chances are she’s going to nag you for a while but as she sees your steadfastness, she will get over it and start to brag to all her friends about how brilliant her grandchildren are.

In other words, those outside pressures are easily dealt with. Be polite, don’t be defensive, and thank people for their advice and interest then do what you were going to do anyway. Which is to . . .

what is it?

That’s right.


Because when it comes down to it, all those nosy people aren’t really the problem. The problem is that voice in the back of your head that asks that ever annoying and painful question.

What if . . . ?

What if I can’t do it? What if I’m not disciplined enough? What if I mess up my kids and they can’t get into a good college? What if they get behind? What if someone is judging me? What if I get lazy? What if it’s too hard? What if I never have another day to myself? Etc.

Those what ifs can drive you crazy. They can make you panic and try to recreate a public school setting at home (worst idea EVER). That leads you to getting way too strict with you children’s time which makes you (and them) overly anxious and frustrated. Nothing good comes from that.

It’ll happen. But if you know it’s coming then you can be prepared for that harshest of critics, the internal one. You can tell him/her that you hear what is being said (try, shouted) but you are going to trust this process.

And a magical thing will happen. You and your children will blossom together. You’ll start out afraid and tentative but as time goes on and you keep at it, you’ll become fearless. You’ll be willing to try new things and fail together gloriously. What better learning experience could there possibly be?

And then, you’ll succeed. And nothing in all the world can compare to the feeling of sitting with your children, being the most bonded, close-knit family unit you can imagine, and being a part of their biggest educational breakthroughs and successes.


You can do this. For centuries people have done this and succeeded gloriously and so will you!


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