Queen Emily’s Scrappy Bias Shawl

In Episode 16 I talk about my scrappy bias shawl project. I’ve had several requests for the pattern so I though I’d make it available here.

Download this pattern

There is now a Ravelry page for this shawl. I’d love to see your finished objects! So please share your photos! On Instagram you can use the hashtag #scrappybiasshawl.



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3 Responses to Queen Emily’s Scrappy Bias Shawl

  • Hi Emily.

    I’m doing your scrappy shawl but I have a question. Ive pulled it back several times now!

    Ok. Row 1 k1 kfb to the end of the row is it a. K1kfb,,k1kfb etc or k1kfb k to end.
    Then row two makes more sense.
    I also seem to be increasing very quickly on row one and it’s not really a symmetric? Do you know what I mean?

  • Hi Emily!

    I’m still knitting the scrappy shawl, but it’s so tiny! I’ve used 3mm needles, so I realise it’s going to be smaller. Coukd I go on until 400 stitches?

    And do we decrease in one row?

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