Deborah Raymond

Holly and Ivy Felt Christmas Ornament Pattern

Make some fun and easy ornaments for your tree this year with some simple supplies and basic skills. You can stitch the leaves on the heart, or glue them in place, depending on your mood.

If you have not yet learned how to blanket stitch, watch this great tutorial from Hobby Lobby by clicking on the link below.



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Raspberry Cordial Recipe

While attending the most enjoyable reading retreat, I tasted the most delicious drink! If you have read Anne of Green Gables you will be familiar with raspberry cordial. I always wondered what it would taste like, and during our Anne themed dinner, I had the opportunity to find out. I quickly decided it is now one of my favorite things to drink! Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.


serves 6


  • 2(300 g) packages frozen raspberries
  • 1 14cups sugar
  • 6 cups boiling water
  • 3 lemons


  1. Put the unthawed raspberries into a saucepan and add sugar.
  2. Cook on medium, stirring occasionally until all the sugar ahs dissolved.
  3. Using a potato masher, mash the raspberries and syrup thoroughly.
  4. Pour the mixture through a strainer, extract all the juice.
  5. Squeeze two of the lemons and strain the juice, add it to the raspberry juice.
  6. Add the boiling water to the raspberry juice.
  7. Allow the cordial to cool, then chill it in the refrigerator.
  8. Serve cordial with a thin slice of lemon in each glass.


This recipe is from the Anne of Green Gables cookbook by Kate MacDonald.

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Deborah’s Lorax Socks

In our latest podcast, episode 16, I shared some socks I am knitting for my 1o year-old daughter. Some have requested the pattern. I don’t have an actual pattern, but will happily share some of the details, and the two-row braided column stitch pattern I used. I am not a pattern writer. Hopefully this makes sense.

Cast on 52 stitches on 2.25mm magic loop.

Knit 15 rows of a 2×2 rib, beginning with k2. Using a 2×2 rib will allow the braided stitch design to line up with the ribbing.

Begin the leg. I only knit the pattern on the front needle, and the back was knit all in stockinette stitch.

  • Row 1: k4, *sl 1 stitch pwise, k1, yo, psso the k1 and the yo* , k6, repeat from *, k6, repeat from *, k4
  • Row 2: knit all stitches

Continue the pattern all the way down the top of the foot.

At first glance, it seems as though you will loose a stitch with each psso, but try it, you will see that you keep your original stitch count.

If you knit socks with this pattern, I’d love to see them. Tag photos of them with #Loraxsocks or share them on our Ravelry group page.

Best Wishes,

Queen Deborah

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Episode 15: Pay It Forward

We have received such an enormous outpouring of love and support since we began podcasting last August. Because of this, we wish to share this joy with others, so we have a surprise giveaway! Thank you so much for your kindness to us. We love you.

Come Join our KAL!

The neon-along kal will run until the end of May. The rules are simple: just knit something you can wear that uses at least fifty grams of neon yarn and come post photos of your finished objects in our Ravelry Group. You can enter multiple times, so keep knitting!

Our prizes are amazing and include a project bag by Chestnut Fibres, a skein of Hedgehog Fibers Sock in Envy colorway, stitch markers by Knitty By Nature, and the gorgeous Pacifica shawl pattern by Lisa Seifert. Come see a photo in the Ravelry Group!

Contact Us

You can find Queen Deborah on Ravelry as IndigoChicken, on Instagram as IndigoChickenDolls, and on Etsy as Indigo Chicken. Queen Emily can be found on Ravelry as Egclawson and on Instagram as SaltCityKnits.




Show Notes

Queen Deborah’s Projects

Spectrum Fibre in Rainbow Brite 2 colorway

Knit Picks Stroll Tweed in Flagstone Heather, Down Heather and Thirst Heather colorways

Knit Picks Hawthorne in Parkrose colorway

The Rainy Apply Shoppe – Beach Bum yarn in Hula Girl colorway

Sweet Nesting Fibers in unnamed colorway (instagram only as #sweetnesting)

Blue yarn is not Cascade Heritage as mentioned. It’s actually Manos del Uruguay Fino in Watered Silk colorway.

Love Socks pattern by Devon Clement

Lartha  pattern by Smoot Designs

Good Vibes Shawl pattern by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

Canyonlands Shawl by Very Busy Monkey

Queen Emily’s Projects

Anzula Meridian in Emerald colorway

WN yarns

Malabrigo Sock 

Glacier Ice Shawl by Klara Zhulamanova

Flowers for Yvonne shawl pattern by Romi Hill

Books Mentioned

50 Yards of Fun

Book of Unnecessary Quotation Marks 


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Episode 12: Not So High-Brow After All

We’ve settled in now and are feeling comfortable enough to let a little of the inner crazy out. In this episode we start our first KAL, a NEON  themed knit/crochet along! #neonalongKAL


Where to Find Us

You can find Queen Deborah on Instagram as @indigochickendolls, on Ravelry as purplepinwheel, and on Etsy as IndigoChicken. We also have a Ravelry group for Meanwhile, At the Castle. 

Queen Emily can be found on Instagram as @saltcityknits, and on Ravelry as egclawson.


Patterns  mentioned

Little Spring Mandala by Barbara Smith

Ophelia Bonnet by RDP Knits

Lancashire Dream by Gabrielle Danskknit

Pinwheel Scrap Blanket by Mina Phillips

Rye Socks by Tin Can Knits

Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Socks Therapist

No Purl Monkey Socks by Cooki A.

Dot Shawl by Cassapinka

Geek Socks by Wei S. Long

Good Vibes by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

Fusion Blanket tutorial by Coriander Quilts

Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Leuder


Yarns and Fibers mentioned

Up In Yarn Designs (business no longer open)

The Alpaca Yarn Company – Glimmer Yarn

Yarn Bee – Urban Chic

Knit Picks Stroll Tweed, “Flagstone Heather”, and “Down Heather”

Rhapsody Fiber Arts, “Darlene”

Malabrigo Sock, “Impressionist Sky”

Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play, Satchel, “Bahama Woodstar”

Knit Picks Felici, “Bubble” – discontinued

Hedgehog Fibers, “Banana Leg”

Frabjous Fibers, #249 “Kaleidoscope”

Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton, “Silver”, “Ice”, “Natural”

Created by Elsie B Fiber Braids

Spectrum Fibre

Chile Knits

Plymouth Yarn

Vintage Fairie LLC on Etsy


Books mentioned

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson

The Bathroom Guest Book


Other mentions

Willow Hill Yarn Company at Gardner Village in Utah


Introducing our first Knit-Along/Crochet-Along!

Visit our Ravelry page for more details. Use the hashtag #neonalongKAL on Instagram and other social media to share your ideas, progress and creations with everyone.

Prizes will be given away at the end of the KAL in May.

Prizes from:

Chestnut Fibres Project Bag

Hedgehog Fibers sock in “Envy”

Pacifica shawl pattern by Lisa Seifert, DoleValleyGirlKnits


Podcaster Shoutouts

Amber of the Yarn Hoarder Podcast

Opera Jo of Stitching the High Notes




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Episode 10 – Meet Our Crazy, Creative Children

We’ve invited our children to join us as we interview them each separately to discover what they have been creating and reading. We also share updates on our own knitting.

Where to Find Us

You can find Queen Deborah on Instagram as @indigochickendolls, on Ravelry as purplepinwheel, and on Etsy as IndigoChicken. We also have a Ravelry group for Meanwhile, At the Castle. 

Queen Emily can be found on Instagram as @saltcityknits, and on Ravelry as egclawson.


Yarns, fabric, and patterns mentioned

Barenwolle in Wild Orchid (yarn)

Loop by Casapinka (pattern)

Anzula Nebula in Denim (yarn)

WN Yarns

Drops Eskimo Uni in Light Gray #53 (yarn)

Knit Picks Felici in Time Traveler (yarn)

Deborah Norville Serenity yarn

Lang yarn

Cotton + Steel fabric by Sarah Watts

Black Apple Doll (pattern)

Kit Kat hat by Andre Sue

Everyday shawl by Jenny Faifel (pattern)

Quince & Co. (yarn)

Mrs. Crosby Loves to Play in Bahama Woodstar (yarn)

Malabrigo in 400 Rupestre (yarn)

Up In Yarns Designs in Fart Flowers

Knit Picks Hawthorne in Parkrose

Split Back Snowflake Hat by Susan B. Anderson (pattern)


Websites mentioned

My Froggy Stuff

Custom fit by Amy Herzog (pattern generator website)


Books mentioned

All the Truth That’s in Me by Julie Berry

These is My Words by Nancy Turner

Book of a Thousand Days by Shannon Hale

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Lego Star Wars Character Encyclopedia

Wings of Fire book series by Tui T. Sutherland

The Ranger’s Apprentice

Series by John Flanagan

Lord of the Rings

Mercy Watson to the Rescue by Kate DiCamillo

The 5000 Year Leap by Skousen

The Giver quartet by Lois Lowry

Carry on Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham

Harry Potter

The Mouse Mansion by Karina Schaapman

Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket


Other mentions

White  Buffalo Pottery (local Utah potter)

Hidden Figures (movie)

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Episode 3: Introducing my Co-Host, and a Giveaway!

September 21, 2016

Show notes:

Boy Sweater  by Lisa Chemery

Lancashire Dream by Gabrielle Danskknit

Hitofude Cardigan by Hiroku Fukatsu

Vanilla Sock by Jo Torr

Project bag by AMarieKnits on Etsy

Yarns mentioned: Cascade Effects, Wonderland yarns, Shusui by Qing Fiber on Etsy


A darling hand-knit bunny. Giveaway is open until October 5th, 2016. Enter by joining our Revelry group at the link below and answering the question, “What books are you reading right now?”

Join our Ravelry Group: Meanwhile at the Castle

Find us on Instagram as @saltcityknits and @indigochickendolls

My Etsy Shop: Indigo Chicken

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Welcome to Our First Podcast Episode

August 24, 2016

Show notes:

Mastering Knighthood events

Crowned with Virtue events

Little Bobbins Knits podcast

Reggiesdolls Etsy Shop

Knuffies Etsy shop


“Imagine yourself as a living house. God comes in to rebuild that house. At first, perhaps, you can understand what He is doing. He is getting the drains right and stopping the leaks in the roof and so on; you knew that those jobs needed doing and so you are not surprised. But presently He starts knocking the house about in a way that hurts abominably and does not seem to make any sense. What on earth is He up to? The explanation is that He is building quite a different house from the one you thought of – throwing out a new wing here, putting on an extra floor there, running up towers, making courtyards. You thought you were being made into a decent little cottage: but He is building a palace. He intends to come and live in it Himself.”

― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

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